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Many of the teams constituting the Bull League have retired various uniform numbers over the course of the league's history, which ensures those numbers are never worn again and consequently that the numbers are always associated with the particular player noted or honored.

The first team to retire a number was the New York Minutemen (now called the Dragons) when they permanently retired Jim Sure's #29 in 2005.

Since then, a total of 15 players have had their numbers retired by various teams. Teams often celebrate their retired numbers and other honored people by hanging banners with the numbers and names. Because fewer and fewer players stay with one team long enough to warrant their number being retired, some players believe that getting their number retired is a greater honor than going into the Hall of Fame.

In 2025, the #42 was retired across the entire Bull League in honor of the first baseball player to break the color barrier, Jackie Robinson.

List of Bull League retired numbers

Elected to the Hall of Fame
Year Links to that season's article page
No. Player or other figure Team Year
3 Always Rosy Houston Oilers
(Retired as San Diego Seagulls)
7 Ricky Geraldo California Tidals 2012
12 Hazel Dell Toronto Nomads 2016
14 Iron Arm Chicoutimi Cinquantes 2016
22 Joe Balaski Chicoutimi Cinquantes 2015
24 Prennick Argon Houston Oilers
(Retired as San Diego Seagulls)
25 Carl Simms Toronto Nomads 2013
29 Jim Sure New York Dragons 2005
30 Brian Peckham California Tidals 2010
31 Eric Tessier Toronto Nomads 2016
32 Jack Stevens New York Minutemen 2007
36 "Speed" Lewis Calgary Inferno 2014
42 Jackie Robinson (MLB) All teams 2025
59 Jacques Papierclip Seattle Salts 2011
83 Angelo Rodriguez Ohio Oxen 2019
98 Knuckles Malone Toronto Nomads 2025