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The Rookie of the Month Award is a Bull League award named by each league every month of the regular season. Both the Metropolitan League (ML) and the Lake League (LL) have given out the award since 1995 to the rookie player (pitcher or position player) with the best performance over the course of that month.

Recipients since 2015

Year Month American Eagle League Lake League
Player Team Player Team
2015 June Jon Martinez San Diego Seagulls Mike Strang Chicago Pit Bulls
July Jay Roc Calgary Inferno Tommy Crompton Boston Brawlers
2016 June Ramon Gomez Arizona Cowboys Adam Reading Ohio Oxen
July Brian Currell Denver Highlanders Victor Sarmiento Toronto Ducks
August Bran Currell Denver Highlanders Craig Gnarly Ohio Oxen
2017 May Jose Soto Anchorage Aces Dennis Guppy Detroit Motorheads
June Gabel Reyes Jackonsville Ravens Jason Nelson Battle Creek Attack
July Jose Soto Anchorage Aces Nick Seer Rimouski Fighting Moose
August Chris Huber Nevada Speeders Gaetan Accornero Boston Brawlers
2018 May Chris Zerkle St. Petersburg Admirals Jorge Chavarria Toronto Nomads
June Tak-keung Yang Arizona Cowboys Evandro Cerigo Minneapolis Ravens
July Tak-keung Yang Arizona Cowboys David Herbst Chicago Pit Bulls
2019 April Hiroki Omiya California Tidals Dan Log Pittsburgh Iron Pigs
May Mike Sclafani Norfolk Sharks Lan-quing Siew Minneapolis Ravens

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