Rookie of the Year Award

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Rookie of the Year Award

Established in 1995
Presented by The Bull Baseball League to the most outstanding rookie players in the AEL and the LL

First awarded 1995

Last awarded 2018

Current winner Metropolitan League: Tak-keung Yang (ARI)

Lake League: Les Groves (LOU)

The Rookie of the Year Award is an annual award given to the player in each of the Metropolitan League (ML) and the Lake League (LL) selected as the most outstanding rookie player.

Both pitchers and position players qualify. In the Bull League, a rookie must have no more than one year of service, currently defined as 100 days in the major level.

List of Rookies of the Year

Year Each year is linked to a page about that season
* Also named MVP winner
Also won Sandy Koufax Award
Also won Woodchuck Trophy
Italics Member of the Hall of Fame

Metropolitan League

Year Player Team Position
1991 Inaugural season — not awarded
1992 Travis Jameson Seattle Salts SS
1993 East Bank Nevada Speeders SS
1994 No season played
1995 Always Rosy San Diego Seagulls 3B
1996 Ken Archer California Tidals 3B
1997 Adam Gordon San Diego Seagulls LF
1998 Sam Mainwaring Nevada Speeders CF
1999 Vinicius Traado Richmond Ravens P
2000 Alex Moreira Seattle Salts 2B
2001 Brian Helstrom Richmond Ravens 1B
2002 Peter Alcock Calgary Chinooks P
2003 Jeremy Fleming Denver Highlanders 2B
2004 Brad Bogus Nevada Speeders CF
2005 Arturo Davila Richmond Ravens P
2006 Koji Kondo Calgary Chinooks LF
2007 Zenjiro Suga Nevada Speeders 1B
2008 Alan Isimo Richmond Ravens 3B
2009 Victor Gomez Chicago Pit Bulls 1B
2010 Hoshi Mizuguchi Chicago Pit Bulls 3B
2011 Tomas Lazalde Denver Highlanders 2B
2012 Tsuruo Yoshioka Arizona Cowboys RF
2013 Kevin Krohn Calgary Inferno P
2001 Ryan Vallis Seattle Salts LF
2015 David Baker Jacksonville Ravens 3B
2016 Joe Dodd Jacksonville Ravens P
2017 Jose Soto Anchorage Aces P
2018 Tak-keung Yang Arizona Cowboys 1B

Lake League

Year Player Team Position
1991 Inaugural season — not awarded
1992 Dandy Lundgren Chicoutimi Cinquantes P
1993 TJ Cyrus* Chicoutimi Cinquantes LF
1994 No season played
1995 Scotty McLawson* Montreal Metros CF
1996 Juan Gonzales New York Minutemen SS
1997 Carlos Angel Montreal Metros LF
1998 Jeff Groulx Chicoutimi Cinquantes LF
1999 Ben Budd Hamilton Industrials LF
2000 Eric Tessier Toronto Ducks DH
2001 Arjen van Leeuwen New York Minutemen RF
2002 Mike Taylor New York Minutemen C
2003 Paul Stone Montreal Metros P
2004 Jose Garzon Ohio Oxen LF
2005 Miguel Tafoya Toronto Ducks 1B
2006 Sohichiro Waki Montreal Metros C
2007 Ivan Morillo Toronto Ducks P
2008 Whitney Weatherby Montreal Metros RF
2009 Danny Rosa Ohio Oxen C
2010 Antonio Morales Boston Brawlers SS
2011 Danny Estrada Ohio Oxen LF
2012 Pedro Salgado Ohio Oxen 3B
2013 Victor Jimenez New York Minutemen RF
2014 Hayden Aitken Ohio Oxen 3B
2015 Knuckles Malone Toronto Ducks P
2016 Ollie Oxenfree Ohio Oxen RF
2017 Corny Maise Ohio Oxen CF
2018 Les Groves Louisville Sluggers C

Wins by Team

Wins by teams
Wins Team Years
7 Ohio Oxen 2001, 2004, 2009, 2011—2012, 2016—2017
6 Minneapolis Ravens
(Richmond Ravens, Jacksonville Ravens)
1999, 2001, 2005, 2008, 2015—2016
5 Montreal Metros 1995, 1997, 2003, 2006, 2008
4 Nevada Speeders 1993, 1998, 2004, 2007
4 New York Dragons 1996, 2001—2002, 2013
4 Toronto Nomads
(Toronto Ducks)
2000, 2005, 2007, 2015
3 St. Petersburg Admirals
(San Diego Seagulls, Anchorage Aces)
1995, 1997, 2017
3 Calgary Inferno
(Calgary Chinooks)
2002, 2006, 2013
3 Chicoutimi Cinquantes 1992—1993, 1998
3 Seattle Salts 1992, 2000—2001
2 Arizona Cowboys 2012, 2018
2 Chicago Pit Bulls 2009—2010 (AEL)
2 Philadelphia Liberty Warriors
(Denver Highlanders, Denver Danger)
2003, 2011
1 Boston Brawlers 2010
1 California Tidals 1996
1 Milwaukee Hops
(Battle Creek Attack, Louisville Sluggers)
1 Pittsburgh Iron Pigs
(Hamilton Crusaders, Hamilton Industrials, Rimouski Fighting Moose)

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