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A Run batted in (abbreviated to RBI) is scored when a batter causes a run to be scored during an at bat. This can be as a result of any base hit such as a single, double, triple or home run, earning a base on balls (a "walk") that scores a run, earning a base on being hit by a thrown pitch, or even from a batted ball resulting in an out that scores a run.

An RBI is not scored when there is an error playing a batted ball by one of the fielders.

It is one of the three batting "Triple Crown" statistics, along with batting average and hits, and is generally viewed as an indication of a batter's tendency to generate runs for their team, though it relies partly on other teammates having safely made it onto a base.

RBI Records

The Bull League record for most runs batted in during a regular season is held by Hall of Fame outfielder Bill Schaffer, who scored 100 in 1999.

The career RBI record holder is Carl Simms with 1,296 during his career that spanned from 1991 to 2013, during which he played for the Chicoutimi Cinquantes, Nevada Speeders, San Diego Seagulls and the Toronto Ducks.

The highest number of RBIs held by a currently active player is 1,019, held by outfielder Narushi Ohata of the Boston Brawlers.