Saginaw Horsemen

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Saginaw Horsemen

Founded in 2013

Saginaw, MI Usa.png
Saginaw horsemen.png
Team logo

League Heifer League AA
Subleague Barn League
Division West
Bull League Affiliations
Affiliated to Arizona Cowboys
Team Info
Name Saginaw Horsemen (2012-2017)

Colors Blue, white, navy blue


The Saginaw Horsemen are a professional baseball team based in Saginaw, Michigan. The team is currently located in the Heifer League's Barn League West division. They are affiliated to the Arizona Cowboys of the Bull League's American Eagle League East division.


The Saginaw Horsemen were created in 2013. Since forming, they have a record of 137-155 (.469), with no playoff appearances.[1]


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