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A save (normally abbreviated to sv) is credited to a pitcher who finishes a winning game under certain situations. It is an often used statistic for relief pitchers. It generally indicates a pitcher's ability to hold their team's lead in a fairly close game.

There are certain situations where a save will be awarded to the relief pitcher who closes or finishes a game for a winning team:

  1. He must be the finishing pitcher in a game won by his team;
  2. He must not be the winning pitcher;
  3. He must be credited with at least a ⅓ of an inning pitched;
  4. He meets one of these conditions:
    1. He enters the game with his team in the lead by no more than three runs and pitches at least one complete inning;
    2. He enters the game with a potential tying run either on base, at bat or on deck;
    3. He pitches for at least 3 innings;

If a relief pitcher satisfies the criteria for a save but is not the finishing pitcher, he may be credited in a boxscore with a "hold" (abbreviated to "H"), though this is not an official statistic.

Save records

The single season record for saves was set by David Johnson of the Arizona Cowboys in 2019, at 40.

The career record for saves is held by Nick MacLellan, with 254 in 19 seasons.

Consecutive saves streaks

The following players have save streaks of 35 games or more.

Games Year(s) Player Team(s)
45 1995–1998 Brian Bell Chicago Pit Bulls
43 2001–2003 Ivan Dorado Calgary Inferno
41 2001–2002 Mike Black New York Dragons/Montreal Metros
40 2011–2014 Jon Courteau New York Dragons
37 2010–2012 Arturo Davila Ohio Oxen/Chicago Pit Bulls
36 2013–2019 Yeong-suk Yi Montreal Metros/California Tidals/Anchorage Aces/Calgary Inferno/Toronto Nomads
35 2007–2010 Marty Melvins Nevada Speeders
35 2004–2010 Guy Stady Hamilton Crusaders/Montreal Metros