Seattle Salts

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Seattle Salts

Founded in 1989

Seattle, WA Usa.png
Team logo

League Bull League
Subleague American Eagle League
Division West
Team Info
Name Seattle Salts (1989-present)

Other nicknames Salty Dogs

Colors Horizon red, aquamarine, white


Owner Marty Kimble

General manager Dave O'Brien
Ballpark Salty Park
Former Olympia Dome (1989-1994)
Bull Cup titles (1) 1992
League pennants (2) 1992, 2014

Division pennants (5) AEL West - 1992, 2004, 2009, 2014—2015, 2017

The Seattle Salts are an American Bull League baseball team based in Seattle, Washington. The team is currently located in the American Eagle League (AEL) West division.

Their name derives from the the nautical slang "salty dog", referring to an experienced sailor. Seattle is a main city on the United States Pacific Northwest coast, and is a hub of commercial shipping and fishing activity.


The Salts were first constituted in 1989 as part of the former Central League (now called the Lake League), where they resided in the west division. When the first major league reorganization occurred in 1991, and the AEL was formed from the former Southern League, many of the original Southern League teams were disbanded. Seattle was moved to the AEL.

The Salts were the second team to win the Bull Cup Championship Series, taking it in 1992 in a contest against the Ohio Oxen. They then had a very long Bull Cup championship drought, and did not appear again until 2014 when they were swept 3-0 by the Montreal Metros.

Since 1995 they have had a total of 7 playoff appearances.

General Managers

Seattle Salts General Managers
Years Name Record Notes
1995—1999 Brian Eberwein 186-196, .487 Under Eberwein, the team fell from three successive winning season (1995 to 1997) to two of the worst seasons in club history (both under .400) and was promptly let go.4
2000—2010 Ben Penland 423-457, .481 Penland brought back winning seasons, and playoff appearances, but the team continued to struggle to find consistency under his tutelage.
2017 Jerry Perelli 63-37, .630 Perelli brought the team short-lived success.

Retired Numbers

The Seattle Salts have retired only one uniform number since first forming, that of 8-time All Star pitcher Jacques Papierclip, who played 24 seasons in the Bull League, including 8 with Seattle, where he remains the career team leader in wins with 50. In his last season with the Salts, 2007, he led the AEL in wins with 12, and ERA, with 2.51.

Seattle Salts Retired Uniform Numbers

Jacques Papierclip
Retired 2011



The Seattle Salts have just a single Bull Cup Championship Series win. They have two Bull Cup finals appearances, having made an unsuccessful return in 2014.

Bull Cup Championships
Preceded by:
Chicago Knights
1992 Succeeded by:
Chicoutimi Cinquantes
American Eagle League Champions
Preceded by:
Chicago Knights
1992 Succeeded by:
California Tidals
Preceded by:
California Tidals
2014 Succeeded by:
Calgary Inferno
American Eagle League West Division Titles
Preceded by:
Nevada Speeders
1992 Succeeded by:
Nevada Speeders
Preceded by:
Richmond Ravens
2004 Succeeded by:
Richmond Ravens
Preceded by:
Richmond Ravens
2009 Succeeded by:
California Tidals
Preceded by:
California Tidals
20142015 Succeeded by:
San Diego Seagulls
Preceded by:
San Diego Seagulls
2017 Succeeded by:
Current winner

Minor League Affiliations

Level Team League Location
AAA Orlando Mickeys Cow League Orlando, Florida
AA Blue Ridge Penguins Heifer League Blue Ridge, Georgia
A Winnipeg Gophers Calf League Winnipeg, Manitoba
Short Season A Paradise Dust Devils Milk League Paradise, Nevada