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Current user: Miami Storm
Location: Miami, FL Usa.png
Opened: 2018
Seating cap.: 38,562
Playing surface: Grass
Field dimensions: Left Field Line - 331 ft
Left-Center - 394 ft
Center Field - 409 ft
Right-Center - 394 ft
Right Field Line - 339 ft

Stormcenter is a baseball stadium located in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami, Florida. It is the home stadium for the Miami Storm baseball clubs, in the Bull League's American Eagle League East division. The stadium opened in 2018, after the Kingston Cannons relocated to Miami.


The stadium was built in 2018.


Stormcenter is a slightly asymmetrical stadium with short outfield fences, just 10 feet high all around. With an expansive outfield, it tends to favor defensive teams, but the short fences also tend towards more home runs. The playing surface is Bermudagrass.