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A strikeout occurs when a third strike occurs during a a batter's turn at bat. A ball thrown for a third strike must, when there are already two strikes against the batter, be on either a pitch that is thrown and not swung at by the batter but which, in the umpire's judgement, passes through the strike zone, or a pitch that is swung on and missed by the batter. Normally, the batter is called out on the third strike, however under rare circumstances they may become a base runner even though they were struck out.

A strikeout is recorded as a statistic for both pitchers and for batters. For pitchers, strikeouts are normally abbreviated to K. It is an important measure of that pitcher's skill, because strikeouts do not rely on the ability of the fielders to catch a batted ball for an out, or to throw the runner (or batter who becomes a runner) out after playing a fair ball. For batters, a strikeout is recorded under SO, and the statistic has less importance, because many power hitters who hit a high number of home runs or who produce runs may still end up striking out often, because they tend to swing at pitches more often.

Batter strikeout records

The Bull League record for most strikeouts by a batter in a season was set by Tony Cruz of the New York Minutemen, who had 124 in 2015. He has led the Lake League in strikeouts twice in nine seasons.[1]

The career record for strikeouts is held by Carl Simms, with 1,287.[1]

Pitcher strikeout records

The Bull League record for most strikeouts by a pitcher in a season is held by Ricky Terrazas, with 195 set in 2011. The career record is currently held by Angelo Rodriguez with 2,017, through 17 years of play from 20002016. Rodriguez, who became a free agent at the end of 2016, led his league in K's six times over his career.[1]


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