Summer College Tournament

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Summer College Tournament

Founded 2017
Level College/HS

Countries 8
  • Australian Flag.png Australia
  • Flag of Canada.svg.png Canada
  • Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg.png Dominican Republic
  • Flag of Japan.svg.png Japan
  • Mexico-flag.png Mexico
  • Flag of Puerto Rico (1952-1995).svg.png Puerto Rico
  • Flag of south korea-svg .png South Korea
  • Usa.png United States

Current champions Australia Australian Flag.png

The Summer College Tournament (abbreviated to SCT) is an annual event which began in 2017 in which the college and high school players from the various amateur leagues play on national college teams in a round-robin format tournament.

A championship winner for the tournament is decided after a double-elimination playoff among the top four finalists.

Teams in tournament

There are eight teams in the SCT corresponding to eight of the countries where college teams are based or players are from. For the inaugural year, this includes:

Country 2017 Manager 2018 Manager 2019 Manager
Australia Australian Flag.png Brandon Popper Brandon Popper
Canada Flag of Canada.svg.png Ray Morrell Ray Morrell
Dominican Republic Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg.png Dylan Maccarone Dylan Maccarone
Japan Flag of Japan.svg.png Danny Desrochers Danny Desrochers
Mexico Mexico-flag.png Scott Davis Scott Davis Scott Davis
Puerto Rico Flag of Puerto Rico (1952-1995).svg.png Ben Wozniak
South Korea Flag of south korea-svg .png Ray Morrell Brendan Burke
United States Usa.png Scott Ellis Scott Ellis Lawrence Tabachnick


Year Teams Host Championship Runner Up Most Valuable Player
Champions Score Finalist 3rd place
2017 8 Usa.png
Los Angeles
Flag of Canada.svg.png
6-5 Dominican Republic
Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg.png
Australian Flag.png
Jason Marriott Australian Flag.png
2018 8 Flag of Japan.svg.png
Dominican Republic
Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg.png
7-2 South Korea
Flag of south korea-svg .png
Flag of Canada.svg.png
Efrain Granados Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg.png
2019 8 Flag of Japan.svg.png
Australian Flag.png
2-1 United States
Flag of Japan.svg.png
Bill Mahoney Flag of Canada.svg.png