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The third baseman (often abbreviated to 3B or 5) is an infield defensive player normally positioned on the left side of the infield, close to the third base, the third of four successive bases an offensive player must touch in order to score a run.

This player is often positioned closer to the batter than the shortstop or second baseman, two of the other infield defensive players. Not only is the player responsible for attempting to play batted balls hit in fair territory towards him, but he must also attempt to catch fly balls hit into foul territory along the third base line in order to get a batter out.

Often, the third baseman must quickly play and throw a batted ball to the first baseman in order to get the batter out on ball hit on the ground. The position is also sometimes called the hot corner, as the majority of hitters are right-handed and thus more frequently hit the ball towards third base or left field. Often these are hard hit line drives.

More commonly, an ideal third baseman is a right-handed thrower, allowing them to quickly turn and throw to second or first base for an out, without having to turn their back on the infield, and thus can complete the play faster.

Notable Third Basemen

Hall of Fame Third Basemen

There are four Hall of Fame players who were admitted as third basemen, the most of any position (except for right fielders).

Team HoF induction team
Years Years active
AVG Batting average
H Hits
HR Home runs
RBI Runs batted in
SB Stolen bases
WAR Wins above replacement
Refs References
Third basemen in the Bull League Hall of Fame
Hazel Dell TOR 1991—2001 .292 548 34 180 107 9.0 3 0 0 0
Chris Felix CTM 1992—2000 .363 554 63 264 214 32.3 6 1 6 0
Always Rosy SDG 1993—2010 .279 1,139 332 906 106 40.3 10 2 8 0
Paulo Tilano NEV 1995—2005 .304 974 187 605 2 32.1 8 0 3 0