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With the introduction of OOTP18, the league is now able to run baseball tournaments and off-season developmental leagues more easily. As a result, two tournaments have been established which will begin in 2017:

Additionally, a winter developmental league will also launch in early 2018:

Summer College Tournament

For its inaugural year, the Summer College Tournament boasts an 8-team table, with each team representing a country that has one or more college teams or players within the Bull Baseball League universe. For 2017, this includes: Canada and the US, as well as Australia, Dominican Republic, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and South Korea.

Players from all three college leagues qualify, along with the high school league.

This tournament will be held annually in June, after the first year player draft. However, for the first year, it will run in August of 2017.

World Cup of Baseball

The World Cup of Baseball is another international tournament where players from various countries are assigned to their national team for a slightly longer fall tournament. There are 16 teams in total, divided into four groups of four teams each. The groups are roughly geographic:

  • Group A (Asia/Oceania)
    • Australia
    • Japan
    • New Zealand
    • South Korea
  • Group B (Europe)
    • England
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • The Netherlands
  • Group C (Americas)
    • Canada
    • Colombia
    • Dominican Republic
    • The United States
  • Group D (Americas)
    • Cuba
    • Mexico
    • Venezuela
    • Puerto Rico

Bull Oceanic Winter League