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A Triple Crown is an achievement earned by a batter who leads their league in batting average (BA), home runs (HR), and runs batted in (RBI) at the end of the regular season, or by a pitcher who leads their league in earned runs average (ERA), wins, and strikeouts.

The term Triple Crown, without modifier, normally refers to the batting achievement. For pitchers, the term Pitching Triple Crown is normally used for clarity.

Batting Triple Crown

In the Bull League, the batting Triple Crown is an exceptionally rare achievement. The first player to achieve it after the adoption of the "full length" 162-game season was John Rambo of the Chicago Pit Bulls, in 2021.

Billy Kidd, of the Toronto Ducks, won the Triple Crown in 1992, but the season length was no more than 16 games for any team. The feat is still considered an impressive achievement, as the 1991-1993 seasons were marked by pitcher dominance, when no-hitters, shut outs, and low batting averages were prolific throughout the league. Kidd batted for an average of .307, with 6 HR and 11 RBI that year. He was the only hitter to be over the .300 mark in either league that season.

Pitching Triple Crown

A pitcher who leads their league in ERA, wins and strike outs is said to have won the "Pitching Triple Crown." The feat is not as rare as the batting achievement, and several pitchers have won it since 1995, though none won it in years prior.

Two pitchers have won the Triple Crown twice, Jack Stevens and Ricky Terrazas. Stevens won it in 1996, and again in 1998 (both times with New York), while Terrazas earned his in 2005 (with Chicago) and in 2012 (with Montreal). Terrazas is also the only pitcher who has achieved the Triple Crown in both the AEL and the LL.

In 1998, pitchers won the Triple Crown in both the AEL and the LL, the only year there have been two Triple Crown winners.

Triple Crown winners

Year Links to the article on that season
Member of the Hall of Fame
Player is active
* Player won the MVP and/or SKA
HR Home runs
RBI Runs batted in
AVG Batting average
ERA Earned runs average
W wins
K Strike outs
AEL American Eagle League
LL Lake League


Year Player Position Team League HR RBI AVG
1992[1] Billy Kidd Center field Toronto Ducks LL 6 11 .307
2021 John Rambo Right field Chicago Pit Bulls LL 77 206 .413
2024 John Rambo Right field Chicago Pit Bulls LL 44 137 .384


See [2].

Year Player Team League ERA W K
1996 Jack Stevens†* New York Minutemen LL 2.22 10 162
1997 Kurt Coler†* Calgary Chinooks AEL 2.26 11 116
1998 Ricky Geraldo†* California Tidals AEL 1.90 10 104
1998 Jack Stevens†* New York Minutemen LL 2.04 13 193
2005 Ricky Terrazas†* Chicago Pit Bulls AEL 2.18 9 129
2012 Ricky Terrazas†* Montreal Metros LL 1.54 13 184
2019 Knuckles Malone Toronto Nomads LL 2.59 22-10 264


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