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Team USA

Summer College Tournament
Appearances 4
Best result Gold: 2020
World Cup of Baseball
Appearances 2
Best result Gold : 2019
Medal tally
Gold Gold medal 2
Silver Silver medal 1
Bronze Bronze medal 1

Team USA is the baseball team that represents the United States in international tournaments. There is a professional team, which plays in the World Cup of Baseball (WCB), and a college team that plays in the Summer College Tournament (SCT).

The professional team is currently ranked 1st in the world. The college team is currently ranked 1st.

Professional team

Team USA plays in the bi-annual WCB tournament, which consists of 16 teams from four regional groups. Team Canada plays in Group C, which includes Canada, Dominican Republic and Colombia.

WCB results

  • 2017: 4-2 (.667) placed 1st in Group C and advanced to playoffs. Won Bronze medal.
  • 2019: 4-2 (.667) placed 1st in Group C and advanced to playoffs. Won tournament championship Gold medal.

College team

SCT results

Year Tournament Wins Losses RS RA Result
2017 SCT 0 3 4 8 8th place
2018 SCT 4 10 53 84 6th place
2019 SCT 9 5 81 71 2nd place
2020 SCT 12 2 141 40 Won championship