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In every baseball game, one pitcher from the winning team is awarded a win (or W) and one from the losing team is awarded a loss. These statistics form a pitcher's win-loss record. A win is also commonly recorded as a team statistic.

A win is awarded by the official scorer to the pitcher who was pitching prior to the last half-inning where the winning team last took the lead in a game. There are two exceptions. The first is when a pitcher who starts a game does not complete 5 innings. In this case the win is assigned to a relief pitcher who was judged most effective. The other exception, a relief pitcher who pitches the half-inning before a winning team takes the lead for the last time but was deemed ineffective in a brief appearance, may see the win awarded to a subsequent relief pitcher who was judged more effective.

Pitching win records

The single season record for win decisions held by any pitcher is 22, set by Knuckles Malone in 2019 while playing for the Toronto Nomads. He finished the season with a win-loss record of 22-10. Prior to 2019, shorter seasons were played. The previous record was 15 wins, held by three pitchers who accomplished the feat in either 2017 or 2018 when the season length was 100 games. One of those pitchers, Jose Soto, managed to record a perfect 15-0 season in 2017. Prior to 2017, the record was 14, set by Lien-ying Li of the California Tidals, in 2012.

The career win record is 150 held by Angelo Rodriguez, who retired after 2019. The active pitcher with the most wins is one-time teammate Ricky Rodriguez, currently playing for the Minneapolis Ravens, who has 111 (as of game date May 24, 2020).

Pitchers with 20 or more wins in a season

In 2019, three pitchers accomplished 20 or more wins in a season, including Malone. It is expected that this feat will be accomplished by more and more pitchers, however it is still a considerably uncommon feat even with 162 game schedules.

Pitchers with 20 or more wins in a season
Wins Season Pitcher Record Team
22 2019 Knuckles Malone 22-10 Toronto Nomads
20 2021 Andres Arango 20-6 Nevada Speeders
20 2020 Knuckles Malone 20-6 Toronto Nomads
20 2019 Ricky Naugler 20-7 New York Dragons
20 2019 Rusty Rowe 20-7 Ohio Oxen

Team wins

The record for team wins is 100 set by the Minneapolis Ravens in 2019. The record for the least wins in a season was set by the 2001 Toronto Ducks, with just 18 (during an 80-game season).