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The right fielder (often abbreviated to RF or 9 in baseball scoring) is a outfield defensive player normally positioned on the right side of the outfield, behind the second baseman and the first baseman.

Often, teams will place their weakest defensive player in right field because of the relatively few opportunities to be involved in important defensive plays as there are not as many left-handed batters as right-handed ones and therefore fewer balls are hit to right field because of the tendency for hitters to "pull" balls.

However, a right fielder must also have a strong throwing arm to make throws quickly to the second baseman (or shortstop covering second base) or third baseman, though for longer throws an infielder will often "cut off" the throws from right field. A batter-runner who hits into right field (or any outfield area) almost assuredly will have at least a single, and a strong throw to second or third could prevent them from taking extra bases.

Notable right fielders